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Senior Year Crush

I recently found a high school classmate via FaceBook.

It's funny, the first thing I thought to tell him was how I had a crush on him in High School. Why would I pass that information to him at this stage in our lives? I'm happily married now and it's quite inappropriate behavior for a married woman. However the deed is done.

Senior Year. It was a windy day. I had a hat on. My best friend Naomi and I were standing on the 2nd floor balcony of a building. I see "JC" walking toward us. Naomi, of course, knows about my school girl crush and snatches my hat off of my head and throws it down. It lands right in front of JC.

Naomi tells him, "Hey JC, can you bring Neena's hat for her?"

Then she whacks me to go and meet him in the stairwell. He smirks at me and picks up the hat. I'm like ON FIRE with embarrassment. I was so self-conscious. I giggle thinking about it now.

We were just kids then. We're all grown up now. I had wondered what he'd been up to all these years. He's single, never been married, no kids and still waiting on the perfect woman.

He was really quiet in high school. Shy, mysterious, really talented. I wish I had asked him to the prom or something. Lord knows that my senior prom left much to be desired. If I could do it over again, he and I would have gone on at least one date.

After college, he picked up and moved to Chicago. I hear he has family there. Now he's in Korea teaching English or something. He's doing well. It was great to run into him on Facebook.

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