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Change the narrative by telling your story.
Several Open Books

My editor is constantly pushing me to develop my writing skills. 2FEET Productions is a one-stop shop from editing, cover design, and promotional material all the way to publishing.

  • Editing, critique and developmental editing

  • Full color design of cover

  • Full typesetting of your manuscript for Kindle and print

  • A watermarked, electronic proof of your book prior to publishing

  • Copyright filing with the U.S. Copyright Office

  • Issuance of a bar code and an associated ISBN number

  • 4 hours of coaching and consulting AFTER the account is transferred to the customer

Self Publishing


Editing services for manuscripts encompass a spectrum of offerings, from basic proofreading to comprehensive developmental editing. Proofreading focuses on correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors. Copy editing delves deeper into language clarity and consistency. Substantive editing assesses structure, coherence, and content flow. Each service tailors to the author's needs, ensuring polished, professional manuscripts.

Grammer Editing


Typesetting a manuscript is a meticulous art form, blending precision and creativity. Every font choice, margin adjustment, and line spacing is meticulously curated to enhance readability and aesthetic appeal. With keen attention to detail, typesetters harmonize text and design elements, transforming raw content into a polished masterpiece that captivates readers.

Software Programmer


Book cover design is the gateway to a reader's imagination, encapsulating the essence of a story in a single image. Every element, from typography to imagery, is strategically crafted to evoke emotion and intrigue. A well-designed cover not only entices but also promises an unforgettable journey within the pages.

Books and Magazines
Cover Design
Man Using a Tablet

Writing Coach

2Feet writing coach offers invaluable support and guidance throughout the manuscript development process. Using writing exercises, new writers are pushed to develop their own signature style.

For beginning writers, a writing coach serves as a trusted mentor and guide on the journey of crafting their first manuscript. They offer constructive feedback, tailored advice, and practical strategies to navigate the complexities of storytelling and writing technique. With a coach's support, beginners gain confidence, develop essential skills, and unlock their creative potential, laying a solid foundation for their writing journey.

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