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  • Color: Green, Red, Black in that order

  • Book: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

  • TV Show: Chopped, Top Chef & Master Chef

  • Food: Ribeye from Ruths Chris with the lyonnaise potatoes

  • Drink: Water & Merlot

  • Board Game: Settlers of Catan

  • City: San Francisco, California, USA

  • Movie: Braveheart starring Mel Gibson

  • Flower: Yellow plumeria

  • Gift: Blank journals of all kinds


  • Traveling & Road Trips

  • The Pacific Ocean

  • Intelligent conversations

  • Home cooked meals

  • Photography

  • Painting

  • Alone time

  • Date night

  • Game night

  • A good debate

  • Foot massages

  • Hand-written letters


  • Lover & a Fighter

  • Daughter

  • Sister

  • Favorite Aunty

  • Friend

  • Lovely Leo Lioness

  • Pacific Islander

  • Lifelong Journal Writer

  • Bookworm

  • Home Chef

  • Serial Entrepreneur


When people ask me to tell them a little bit about myself, I always default to my Pacific Island tradition of explaining my genealogy. It would go a little something like this:

  • I am the daughter of... who is the son of...

  • I am the daughter of... who is the daughter of...

I normally talk about where my parents are from and where my grandparents are from and the ethnicities that make up who I am. My father is Hawaiian-Chinese and my mother is Samoan-Swedish. 

The dream has always been to write - to tell marvelous stories of wonder about my culture, about my family, about the secrets and mysteries of life, about the tragedy and drama, about love and joy and all the things that make life interesting.

My obsession with the written word has nothing to do with the mechanics of the English language but about the art of communication. Even now, I prefer to write snail mail letters in lieu of a phone conversation. Written words are uninterrupted tools of communication. 

I consider myself an artist. There truly is an art to conveying messages using the written word. As with any art piece, the beauty is only realized through the lens of the beholder. 

Cartoon Me was hand drawn by NainaMarie and then turned into vector art by yours truly. Let her Cartoon You.

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