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I Need a Girl Friend

Now that I have your attention...

I do need a girlfriend. No! Not like a les.bian girlfriend. I am a very proud heterosexual woman. LOL... why does that sound weird? When homosexuals are gay and proud there's a different ring. Anyway...

I need a girlfriend.

I need a best girlfriend that I get to run off with to go shopping ALL DAY LONG. Walk through Macy's, Ross, Pier 1 or WHATEVER store and not feel intimidated to hurry as I do with husband.

I need a best girlfriend that listens to me vent and complain about my husband, bashes him with me, then sends me back to him because we both know he's a REALLY great guy.

I need a best girlfriend that knows my past and doesn't judge me for it, accepts that I've changed my lifestyle and still wants to hang out.

I need a best girlfriend that has seen my heart break, held me up through my darkest days, and still stood close by as I went through it.

I need a best girlfriend to sit and watch sappy chick flicks like Beaches with. We'll cry through the entire movie then pig out on a lilikoi chiffon cake and a pint of haagen daaz.

I need a best girlfriend to play dress up with. We'll fix our hair in different ways until it's just right, try on several different outfits, put on make-up that we'd normally NOT do, take pictures then post them on BlackPlanet. LOL... then wait for the notes to roll in.

I need a best girlfriend to have Ladies Night with. To get dressed up, feel magnificently sexy, and hit the club.

I need a best girlfriend who can understand my relationship with my mother and helps me through the turmoil that often comes.

I need a best girlfriend to cry with when life gets hard. She doesn't cringe at my tears but sits with me and hands me kleenex. I don't have to feel so tough all the time -- I can be me, weak and flawed!

Yeah -- I have family all around me and feel utterly alone without my best girlfriend. We don't talk much anymore. We're in entirely different time zones. We rarely have time to talk or even drop an email. I know her life has moved on and I'm but a distant part of her past. Hands down, she still knows me best and I miss her entirely!

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