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Hello 2018

What a whirlwind of a holiday season it has been. I am exhausted from all my travels. I went home to Hawai'i. That was so fabulous! I love being with my family. It's alllllll love. I arrived back in South Carolina from Hawai'i on December 30th. From the airport, I went home and did a quick unpack and repack. Within 3 hours of my arrival I was road-tripping it to Maryland alone. That was a ten-hour drive all while fighting the jet lag, eight hours of driving and two hours of random stops. Honestly, I think jet lag is all in the mind. Though I was exhausted, I am a trooper and drove and partied right through it. On my way back from Maryland, I did a short, overnight detour through the backwoods of South Carolina and went straight to work from there the next day. So today is my first "normal" day in quite some time.

The holiday season flew by so quickly. Probably the biggest highlight was watching The Greatest Showman. It will forever remind me of Christmas. I am going to blog about the whole experience later. The story and the music and the cast -- very moving and I am excited to share my incite about it.

Christmas Day was spent singing our hearts out at karaoke with my dad's side of the family. The food was fabulous. The singing fun. And I just enjoyed hanging out with my family. The rest of my time in Hawai'i was spent hanging with friends and running around collecting goodies for me to bring back to South Carolina. Can you believe there was a shortage of luau leaves? I was not able to make the laulau and palusami that I had planned to make and bring back to South Carolina. Some days, I just want some fob food.

I rang in the New Year in Maryland. My nephew turned 21 on New Years Eve so it was an extra special new years party. He looked like he had a great time. We did the spa in the morning, had the party at the house for his birthday and to ring in the new year then he went out to hang with friends. I had such a great time. It was so nice to be there with BooBoo and her Maryland family. I love that they are right up the road. Both she and I have been through some ish in 2017. We were glad to be together to kick 2017 all the way out the door and welcome 2018 with all of its possibilities!

Good Morning World! Hello 2018!

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