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Pages Of My Diary: #TryAgain

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

My first marriage was a series of heartbreaks. I had the opportunity to walk away but I didn't. I stayed and continued to be hurt over and over again.

I didn't walk because I wanted him to know forever that I never gave up on us. Seems stupid now to look back at how I used to think. So here are a few of my thoughts on what I've learned.

Every experience we have should teach us something. The only lesson that seems to stick with people is the one thing that should be forgotten. I'm guilty of this.

Never base your future on past results. Getting hurt in a relationship does not mean that the rest of your relationships are doomed to fail. This is the thing that should be forgotten. Past hurt only instills fear to try again. A hopeless existence has only one source and it is not the Creator.

However, never do the same thing twice because you will get the same result. The lessons we should be picking up form our experiences in failed relationships is how it went bad and why it went bad.

We think that risking our heart was where we messed up. Step back. Take a look. Is that really where you messed up? If you think that, then you are stuck in your own little pity party. Or was it because you allowed the other party to take advantage of you too many times until you lost your identity? Ahhh... now you're thinking.

So you fell down! Get up! Dust yourself off and try again.

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