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The Counter Balance: The Awakening

counterbalance: noun a compensating equivalent

We agreed to meet in a parking lot. That's how it all began. There I was, newly single and not quite afraid of what was ahead yet at the same time TOTALLY open to possibilities. I had spoken to this man on the phone months ago. At the time I was married and completely INTO a masochistic man who had finally broken the proverbial camels back by divorcing me after six years of marriage, blah blah blah.

We agreed to meet in a parking lot.

I had spoken to this man months ago. I told him I was married and had no intentions of EVER leaving that man or cheating on him. He quickly hung up and NEVER called back until one fateful night. It was Friday night and just four days after my ex announced that he wanted a divorce. I had cried myself to sleep that evening and was awakened by my cellphone blinging away. I recognized the number but I was drawing a blank and it was NOT in my phonebook so no name popped up.

"Hello," I answered. I was groggy and half asleep.

"Wassup," is what he said. That's it. That's all he had for me. Upon hearing his voice, I knew exactly who he was. I scanned my mind for his name. Retrieved it then got back to the conversation.

"Do you know who this is?" He stammered out the question.

"Yeah. I remember who you are. What have you been up to?" and blah blah blah... the conversation went on and on. He intrigued me. Piqued my interest. And when I fell back asleep that evening, I was almost excited about being single again. The possibilities were suddenly real. I was no longer married. Though I had emotional issues simmering in my back yard, I could play in the front yard - date, flirt, go out for drinks, dance with men at the club and on and on. I would worry about the emotional stuff happening in the backyard later.

The next morning I woke up bright and early to go to work. I had started going in on Saturday's because I was short-staffed. Overtime was in order and I had nothing better to do. The conversation with 'man from outta the blue', the previous night, had entered my mind but I thought he'd be a disappointment. To my surprise, round noon, he called me on my cell. Then he called me at my job and we stayed on the phone until I got off work.

We hadn't set any plans in motion. I was too scared. After work that evening, I made plans with a friend to get "wasted" at her place and maybe go out cruising. On my way to her house, I decided I wanted to see what 'man from outta the blue' was about. He knew what I looked like, he had seen me on the internet. I had NO idea what he looked like. I was curious. The conversation we had while I was at work had me wondering.

I make a quick detour to meet with 'man from outta the blue'. I was in desperate need of male attention. We agreed to meet in a parking lot and that's just what we did. I had no idea what he looked like. Prior to this meeting, he was just a voice on the phone. But, the instant I laid my eyes on him, I was taken by his dimples and his beautiful face and his body shape. I was utterly and completely attracted to him. I felt instantly frumpy. I hadn't done anything special to make myself cute. I had on a brown paisley print tube dress with some dark brown flip flops. My mane was all natural, glorious with curls.

I parked my car there at the parking lot. As soon as our eyes met he said, "Hey Beautiful," and the awakening had begun. I hopped in his car and we drove to his place so he can get changed. After that, we headed over to my friend's house as previously planned. I called her and told her that I was bringing a date. She rushed and got her a date as well. 'Man from outta the blue' was a perfect gentlemen the entire evening. He opened doors. Payed for everything. Held a decent conversation and acted genuinely interested in me. He did everything right. We spent the entire evening drinking and talking, playing dominoes, talking more and just getting to know each other.

The butterflies in my belly fluttered wildly. We kissed and made out that night. But the highlight really was the conversation. How else could he get a kiss from me? I knew something special had begun. It was nearly 5am before we parted ways. No! We didn't sleep together though he did try. We just had a genuinely great time together kissing and making out like hormonal teenagers. The dragon in me was stirring. He awakened me and I was excited to see where this dragon was going to take me.

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