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Love. No Regrets.

As we age we seem to forget what it's like to have that RIDE OR DIE LOVE. The kind of love that you know could heal the entire world. The kind of love that we saw mirrored in Romeo and Juliet. The kind of love that is irrational, doesn't make sense, bordering chaotic, and is chaotic.

We seem to associate age with wisdom. 98% of the time, I'll give it to the older generation. Like fine wine, they get better with time and so will I. There is a deep wisdom that comes with a woman that's 80, having lived a complete life telling me what life is really about. And the women I've come across that have reached that pinnacle have all said the same thing to me -- "Live life with NO REGRETS." At the end of my life, I'd hate to lay back and think of the things I didn't do. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda... but didn't.

Love... with NO REGRETS. That's really my point with this post. I am in no way a guru of love and relationships because here I am on marriage number two and still in my 20's. But I haven't let fear of my past hurts dictate how I live my life today. Some may think that it's foolish to not have "learned" from past mistakes.... but the lesson is in the mistake. The lesson is in the failed relationship and vowing to steer clear of the same errors... NOT in avoiding relationships and intimacy altogether!

If you do what you ALWAYS do, you'll get what you always get.

So I say -- go for it! Fall in love a million times... then one day it'll be the same person EVERY day. Let go of the fear that keeps you in the same place and LOVE WITH NO REGRETS!

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