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Independent of WE

No one sees my mind the way you do

You see into my soul

Into my heart

Above all, I can be me whenever I am with you

The me that no one in the world can see but you

There are no misconceptions of who I am

Because I am my most genuine when I am with you

I hide nothing

Even now as we traverse separate trials

Our honesty with each other

Our vulnerability

Our connection

Our concern for each other

Our genuine affection

It is all very important to me

And so precious

Yet our symbiotic relationship is just that - so intertwined

And I have a difficult time hearing my own voice

Hearing my own thoughts that are independent of WE

And however I move forward

And however you move forward

Must be independent of WE

WE will always have this connection

And maybe one day we will find each other again

In love

In passionate love

It will be the right time

Without the hurt of our yesterdays

creeping up into our todays

But first, I will work on me

You will work on you

Independent of WE

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