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I Want

I want you to know me

The real me

The me that no one else sees

And when I reveal the dark

and the light

I want to be sure that it will not frighten you

to know me so intimately

I want you to see me naked

Without the facade that I wear for the world

To see my scars

To see my brokenness

and still want to love me in spite of them

I want you to hear my voice

The silent whisper that no one knows

To hear my song

To hear the melody of my pain

and crave the sound of my joy

I want you to feel the intensity of my emotions

And the fire that burns inside me

Can you feel my longing to love and be loved

To taste my tears

My fears

and still want to hold me closer and erase my pain

I want you to know me like you've known me forever

To dance with my joy

To stay in step with my rhythm

To move endlessly through time

and space


I want you to fall in love with my soul

To see beauty inside me

And want forever

to be by my side

That's what I want

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