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Gird Up Your Loins

I've been meaning to do this post for weeks. I know that MOST of my posts have zero depth when it comes to social-political issues. Often, I find myself going on and on about past relationships and current ones, friendship and family, without giving a sense of who I really am. The path that I have been placed on by my own moral judgement illuminates itself today.

Please, have a seat. Let's talk. Stay awhile!


What is freedom?

With the state of the world today I have no choice but to ask what it is. Less than a year ago, you would have found me identifying with the democratic party in the United States of America. Politically, I thought I was moving in the right direction by adopting some of the ideals of that party as my own. I no longer wish to identify with any political party or system.

Contrary to popular belief, freedom is not a commodity! It cannot be bought, sold or traded. It cannot be earned on a battlefield OR fought for in the halls of politics. Rather, freedom is an inherent gift of our Creator. Inherent meaning, "Existing as an essential constituent or characteristic; intrinsic." This means that freedom is the privilege of EVERY individual by our Creator long BEFORE the constitution of the united States of America was adopted.

State sanctioned freedom seeks not to endow its people with freedom but rather to control every aspect of life. "Rights", according to statutory law, are "legal claims". Your right to assemble, your right to worship, the right to free speech.... is guaranteed by the first amendment of the constitution of the united States of America. These "rights" are first and foremost YOURS through the Creator BEFORE a government came along and allowed it. Government exists because of the people and should, therefore, be servants OF the people rather than what it is in its current state.

Under the guise of democracy, Communist thought has found its way into American society. This FURTHER presents the ideal that any state sanctioned freedom OR "rights" are about CONTROL rather than freedom. If we read and analyze the Communist Manifesto, we realize that much, if not all, of its principles have been implemented in the United States of America. You can read the 10 Planks stated in the Communist Manifesto and see how the principles translate into modern America.

Statutory laws are instituted to CONTROL us. Like sheep, we blindly follow the shepherd believing that government exists to grant us freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We follow leaders voted into office believing they have our best interests at heart WITHOUT realizing the atrocities they have directed first-hand. The leaders of America DO NOT act on our behalf. Their motivations are PURELY tyranical and have but one objective --> Self Interest via CONTROL.

What kind of control is the government exacting on us?

Well, let's look at some of the laws that are in place currently then you can ask yourself if freedom rings in our corner of the world?

1. Drivers licenses, marriage licenses, business licenses, real estate licenses... is this freedom? The legal definition of license is: governmental PERMISSION to perform a particular act. Government ALLOWS me to do these things? Once again, my Creator gifted me these rights and I should be FREE to choose to do these things without government intervention. How many car accidents have been avoided because of a license?

2. Mandatory seat belt use. All the buzz on TV has been the new "click it or ticket" campaign. Let's see, according to the ads in my area, 25 deaths could have been prevented if the passengers were wearing seat belts. So let's say that there are 250,000 drivers in the entire state of Hawai'i. Because 25 preventable deaths had occurred (God rest their souls), 250,000 drivers MUST be subjected to mandatory seat belt use. Freedom? Last I checked, whether I wore a seat belt or not had no direct correlation to infringement on ANYONE's rights. It should be MY decision and not a decision based on 25 preventable deaths.

3. Building permits... Shouldn't I be able to build WHATEVER I want on my property? Why do I need a building permit? If I wanted to install a bomb shelter, I should be able to WITHOUT having to file any blueprints and paperwork with the county. What do they need those things on file for anyway? CONTROL? Invasion of privacy?

4. TAXES.... When you receive your paycheck, 9 out of 10 people have taxes automatically deducted. The government gets paid first. Freedom? Furthermore, virtually NONE of the taxes you pay go towards services you expect... (Read the Grace Commission Report) then please, explain how a tax on my labor equates freedom.

5. PATRIOT ACT... This is a terrible piece of legislation passed into law under the guise of preventing terrorism. If, after this short little rant, you still believe the constitution affords us rights, then you'll be disappointed to find out that the patriot act STRIPS all of them from you. Yes! The patriot act allows government to LISTEN in on any conversation you may have on your cell phone, on your home phone, in your emails. The patriot act allows racial profiling when reviewing flight passenger lists. It allows the government to access bank records at any time. It requires the use of your social security number for nearly every transaction you make. Freedom?

I could continue to tear apart EVERY single stupid thing passed into law but I believe this little sampling is a sufficient illustration... Government and all of its by-products seek to take freedom from the common man. America, land of the free? Here is a country that has moved into a communist system of CONTROL but under the name of democracy. A rose by any other name....

So as South Korea lines up to violently and passionately protest American military presence;

and Indonesia follows in much the same suit;

and as the Iraqi people continue to fight against the terrible American empire;

and as Afghanistan shouts "death to America";

and Pakistan joins the ranks of anti-U.S. sentiment;

and as the Muslim world falls in line to protest America....

Gird Up Your Loins and prepare for the fight. All the world marches in sequence against the united States of America. I pray that we will have the courage to effect change and rewrite the forecast for the world we leave to our posterity.

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