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The Friends That Never Change

I am very grateful for the friends in my life that NEVER change. It's amazing when you can be separated from certain people for months or even years at a time and the friendship picks up right where it left off. For those friends in my life who serve that purpose, you are loved!

There are certain things that help to perpetuate that kind of relationship. One of those things is sharing the same basic foundational ideals. For instance, if you were raised in the same church then your ideas on religion are probably the same or moving in the same direction. Or it could be that you share the same heritage or the same nationalities and that allows for very similar upbringing. This is important because well, can you see Beavis and Butthead at your family reunion? They'd probably be the laughing stock at mine but would more than likely ALWAYS stick out like a sore thumb. This is not based on race but more on the differing value systems.

The friendship relies heavily on TRUST. The reason friendships can remain the same, though years may separate you is because the trust has NEVER been compromised. This is essential! I can't imagine catching up with just anyone about my first marriage and its demise or my second marriage and how he really fits. Some friends from way back when just wouldn't understand and if I ran into them I'd probably really not go into detail for fear they might blabber to any and everyone else. TRUST!

Another similarity between the "friends that NEVER change" is their non-judgement of my life. They observe and they tell me what they think but NEVER tell me to change my evil ways. They accept me as I am, flawed as it may be, and understand that I move to the beat of my own drum. That has always been important to me.

Finally, the "friends that NEVER change" are honest with me. They know when to serve me a humble pie and when to just let me BE. They balance me. They check me. They ground me and keep me level-headed. I appreciate that above all else. No matter how much pride I might have they will let me know when to put a lid on it. At the other end of the spectrum, I could be at my weakest with them and still count on them being there tomorrow.

So to my "friends that NEVER change"... I love you guys! Unconditionally. To the one that gets me stoned on occasion... you TRULY are the shit! LOL. To the mother of 3 and a 1/2... you WILL always be the one that understands my struggle. To the ones that get me drunk on occasion... you guys make me smile.

But to my best friend, the one thats there when I'm crying in pain because of an ear infection; the one that can't stand to see me in pain; the one that sees me in the morning and isn't afraid of seeing me again; the one that shares my bed EVERY evening -- you don't know how much YOUR time means to me. The greatest gift you have given me is time... YOUR time. That you share your world with me makes me smile everyday. So to you, I dedicate my sappy love... that affectionate stuff that you can't live without! **giggling**

**lifting champagne glass**

"To Friends That Never Change!"

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