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Don't Know Why

i dreamt about you lastnight.

why do you haunt me even in my MOST blissful moments?

why do you visit my dreams?

why do i feel your touch when it's been four and a half years since i last felt it?

how is it that i'm happy where i'm at... joyful, even... yet still see you in the recesses of my memory?

my first love, that was YOU!

i still feel the tugging in the pit of my stomach when i think of your face.

why do i feel like -- you feel the same way too?

i feel like i'm so connected to you... and that i already know HER because i know you.

she's nothing like me, i know.

sometimes i wonder why our lives crossed paths.

what lessons did you learn from me?

had we known each other in a different lifetime?

'HE' gives me EVERYTHINGG i could ever desire. he plants me with sweet kisses and gentle carresses. he pledges ETERNAL love, as timeless and everlasting as the infinities of the universe....

...and yet HERE you are again -- in the middle of my dreams.

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