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Chasm of Sorrow

Today is hard.

Today I am sad.

I was hopeful yesterday but today, today I am hopeless.

I love so deeply. I am fiercely loyal. When betrayal arrives at my door, I feel broken.

I wish I could crawl back into bed, put a sheet over my head, and make the world go away. I wish I could sleep peacefully without the worries of tomorrow pulsing in my brain. Yet I don't think it is worry that keeps me awake but a loss of the expectation of what I thought my life would be like.

Tomorrow has changed significantly.

Tomorrow is a blur.

I cry when I'm alone.



Wishing things could be different.

I feel numb in the waking hours.

Insistent that this is just a nightmare and that I will wake from its grip.

My heart is breaking and I can do nothing but feel it intensely.

I am falling so helplessly down a chasm of sorrow.

And all I want is to feel joy again.

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