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Banner of Strength

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

Today I am hopeful again.

The sun is shining brilliantly outside an

d I feel a sense of wonder and peace with how my life is unfolding.

One thing I know for sure is that I can see so clearly, my star rising.

I see so clearly how the current events in my life are pushing me to my greatest good, to my highest potential, and I can only feel gratitude for what is. Even if this hard time is painful and lonely, I am unconditionally accepting its lessons.

There is so much love in my heart even with the extreme feelings of grief that I am experiencing. I know that LOVE will conquer all.

My loyalty is unwavering and has always been that way. Perhaps, I extend it to the most unworthiest of souls but it is a trait that I am proud to wear like a banner of strength.

He will look back one day and regret the relationship that he threw in the garbage. When he removes himself from his unsavory elements and questionable company, the gravity of his actions will bear on his soul.

As I look forward to the many avenues ahead of me, I am frightened by the vast possibilities but hopeful. He will never find a woman like me. Never! And my life will move on with the strength of a gushing waterfall toward peace and empowerment. I will remember the strength of my love for him to carry me through the lonely days ahead.

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