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The Sun Rises and Sets

Why do people repeat the same relationships over and over? If we continue to do the same thing over and over... we will get the same result. Why does that not make sense to the one perpetuating the drama? Change what you do and you'll get a different result. I promise.

If you think you've tried to make it work over and over then maybe you should try "making it work" some other way. Not by giving ultimatums. Not by jumping ship at the first sign of trouble. Not by blaming him for all the drama. Not by making him jump through hoops to impress you. Neither parties should have to prove anything. If we love someone then let it be that - LOVE - unconditional.

We all know that everyday the sun will rise out of the east. And let's just say that hypothetically, that's your absolute favorite thing to do. If you have to drag your partner to see it every morning then maybe he doesn't really wanna see the sun rise. In that case, you give him some time. Maybe he needs to adjust to waking up that early and his life needs to adjust naturally to the demands of seeing the sunrise. If some time has passed and his body is still not accustomed to getting up that early then try a different approach.

Maybe he'd prefer to watch the sunset. In that case, you adjust to his schedule and make the necessary changes in your life to be able to watch the sun set. Both parties win because you both witness part of the suns journey. It may not have been the sun rise but the sunset is EQUALLY beautiful. This doesn't mean that you can't watch the sun rise alone. You can still enjoy the beauty of new mornings.

Relationships are the same way. Constant adjusting to each others quirks and style of doing things. Find a happy medium. Compromise. I am no relationship expert but I am an avid observer. Compromise is a wonderful tool. A relationship will never work without it.

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