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On 2nd Chances

Does everybody deserve a second chance? Does it say in some rule book somewhere that if you have a pulse, you will receive a second chance? I mean... when Larry Holmes knocked out Muhammad Ali back in 1980, did Ali get a second chance? When Ashlee Simpson had a "vocal malfunction" at the 2005 FedEx Orange Bowl, did she get a second chance? (yall know that mess was funny!!) So I'm just saying, does everybody deserve a second chance?

Lastnight, my cousin came in from Dallas. He has not been welcome at my folks house for years. Way back when, about 5 or 6 years ago, he came here to live with my folks because he was screwin' up in Dallas. My momz and pops don't play... and the whole family knows it. And like clockwork, he wore out his welcome here as he did with his mama. My father beat him down and told him to NEVER, EVER set foot on his property ever again.

Well, my folks are very tolerant, forgiving people. That's just how they are. Not pushovers... they just believe that people deserve a chance to prove themself. Me, on the other hand, could care less. And... that's the story on how cousin came here from Dallas.

He comes up to the crib at about 12midnight, lastnight... loud, obnoxious and cursin' up a storm. As he came towards me, he started staggering and I knew his ass was through. In my head, I'm already thinkin', "Imma definitely blog about this!!" LOL... I'm all irritated cuz this boy still hasn't mustered up enough manhood to become a responsible member of this family. Whateva! We chit chat for a minute cuz I'm tryin' not to let his drunken-ness get to me. I'm all for partying... if thas your thing. But please handle yourself accordingly.

So they get settled in and stuff. Me and husband are watching TV in the living room. All of a sudden I hear that noise... you know that one where you know somebody is about to throw up. That gurgling noise, then the pitter patter of feet, then the splash sound. Yep! He vomitted(i hate that word but it's so appropriate) all over the bathroom that I just cleaned earlier in the day.

In my head I'm going over all the rotten things this kid(in a mans body) has done to my family. Okay, there's the time he was trying to make wine in his bedroom. When really he was just fermenting grapes. Then there was the time my called me outta work to handle his dumb ass at the high school. Oh and yeah, the same kid was growin' weed in my folks back yard. All of these thoughts cross my mind as the "splashing" was happening, not once, not twice, not three times... four times! Yes... that's how much stuff was coming out of him.

I'm beyond irritated now cuz with all that "splashing" that went on, he couldn't have cleaned it up that quick. So husband and I sit there. (Moms and Pops are in Vegas and won't be in til Monday.) We're calmly discussing the mess that just went on. I'm telling him everything that's going on in my little brain. How disrespectful my cousin still is and how NOT EVERYBODY deserves a second chance.

Husband gets up and looks in the bathroom. The stench already put a funky expression on husbands face. Then anger crept across his mugg. He walks to the room and attempts to wake cousin up. He apparently knocked the hell out as soon as the "splashing" ended. His wife wakes up and is like, "Did he make a mess?" Hell yeah he made a mess. Why wasn't you checking up on him?

She comes out and does a half-ass job on cleaning up the bathroom. I mean... there was chunks of food everywhere. Vomit on the cabinets, in the sink, in the trash can, at the base of the toilet, on the toilet, in the toilet... it was just nasty. And don't get me started about the stench. **SMH** I stayed up til like 2 in the morning cleaning up after his wife's half-ass job and the stench is still lingering. I mopped it about 4 times with some Pine-Sol.... **throwing my hands up and shrugging**

So tell me, did he deserve this second chance to screw up again?

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