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BP Fling Episode 4

The last episode left off with me following my heart and running to meet my Mystery Man. There we were on the great lawn of a 4-star hotel on romantic Waikiki Beach. It's the kind of romantic vision that gets sold to tourists to lure them to the swaying palm trees of my island home. Only thing with this vision is that I was living it. My office was literally steps from the Duke Kahanamoku Lagoon (google it) and I exited my office to meet him on the great lawn. He was every bit of beautiful as he was the last time I seen him. Curvy arms glistened with sweat as I approached him. The scene was priceless.

My Mystery Man was every bit of an enigma. He had "cheating man" tendencies, as my cousin would call it, and I was the mistress that he was cheating with.

1. He was with me on his own terms and only when he wanted to.

2. I could never get in touch with him except through Blackplanet.

3. He didn't leave a phone number for me to reach him at.

We hugged. We kissed. The chemistry was electric. There were immediate sparks when our lips met and I was enamored all over again with my Mystery Man. I closed my eyes and exhaled. When I opened my eyes, there he was staring at me with a devilish grin.

"What are you doing tonight?"

I answered, "I haven't set up any plans yet. Why?"

"I was thinking I take you to dinner at Aaron's atop the Ala Moana hotel. Have dinner there then finish off with some drinks at Mai Tai's. What do you say?"

Clearly, I'm confused. How did we go from him not even calling me in the preceding week to setting up a "date"?

I shrug, "Sounds nice. I guess we can go. What time?"

"What time do you get off," he fires back.

"I get off when I want. Tell me what time."

We finally agree on 7pm and that I'd pick him up in front of his building. He gives me directions and tells me that he'll be waiting outside. The pending date with Mystery Man infuses me with enough energy to power a city block. I get tons of work done and clear my desk and tap my fingers on my desk, waiting for the time to fly by. Quitting time found me jetting home to get ready.

I was about 15 minutes early in picking him up and he was already waiting. I was amazed at his punctuality. He looked handsome in a crisply starched shirt and tie. His coat in tow. (Aaron's required coat and collars for men.) He had already made the reservations and we were seated promptly. Mystery Man generously tipped our server at the beginning of the meal which I thought was such a classy move. FYI: The city views from Aaron's are absolutely gorgeous!

We started off with champagne and an appetizer. The food was delicious but paled in comparison to the conversation and the energy we shared. We laughed without any pretenses. We talked like we were best friends. It seemed like we knew each other forever and that our intelligences mingled in a different time; a different era.

The house band was extraordinary that evening and made the city lights seem like it was sparkling. The magic had begun. As Mystery Man and I sat there talking about some of our favorite songs, as if on que, the band begins Johnny Gill's My My My. We immediately get up to dance. He twists and twirls me on the dance floor. I felt like I was living a movie and that at any minute, it would end.

As if the evening weren't already full of magic, we made our way to a more casual bar, Mai Tai's. The bar is an outdoor lounge-type that hosts a live band playing contemporary island music. That particular evening was extremely crowded. We found somewhere to stand. He stood in line to get our drinks. He made me feel like I was the only woman in the entire bar; like it was just the two of us there and that the band, the bartender and the waitress were there to serve us. His smooth demeanor was intoxicating. I was heady with excitement.

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