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BP Fling Episode 3

I thought, for sure, that our meeting at my office was going to be the first, last and ONLY time he and I would get together. My mind questioned my indecent behavior, judging myself for allowing him to seduce me so thoroughly. The physical ecstasy had my mind twisted; imagining more of the same. However, I thought I had doomed any future contact due to having given up the goods so quickly without so much as a rhetorical, "I'm not that kind of girl," line.

He didn't call me the next day nor the day after that. By the third day not having heard a word from him, I chalked up the event as a fantasy fulfilled and nothing more. The excitement of the previous days and weeks where he and I spent exchanging notes on black planet or chatting on the phone were but a memory. After our frolic around my office, he seemed to have disappeared into the night.

My days return to the same monotony it had known before I happened upon Mystery Man. Work, party with the girlz, hit the bar, catch some zzz's then REPEAT. When it seemed my life could not reach a lower low...

Seated in my office, at my desk, my cell phone rings.

"Aloha, this is Neena!" is my automatic answer during work hours.

"Hello Beautiful!"

Immediately I recognize Mystery Man's voice. A little perturbed by his intrusion into my monotony after a weeks absence, I serve him a professional response.

"I'm sorry. Who is this, please?"

He quips, "I know I haven't called you. You wouldn't believe how busy I've been. I thought about you each and every moment since we met."



(no immediate response from me)

He spits out, "Do you believe me?"

I glance out my office window and there he is dressed in tennis shoes, sleeveless top and gym shorts. Beads of sweat are coursing down his finely shaped arms.

I'm stunned, excited, a bundle of nerves; a thousand caterpillars blossom into butterflies in my belly in an instant. I use the fluttering butterflies in my belly analogy when referring to him because he had me upside-down, inside-out. I was in serious "lust". I move toward the window and just stand there, contemplating how I should approach this/him.

I follow my heart...

...and run to meet him!

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