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BP Fling Episode 2

After I posted BP FLING EPISODE 1, I posed the question in Yahoo360:

What do you think happens next?

a. We kiss, chit chat then go our separate ways never to see each other again.

b. We decide on a 2nd date.

c. We have madd, passionate sex everywhere in the bulding?

The results -- B & C tied for first place.

I ended the 1st episode with the CHEMISTRY between Mystery Man and I on FULL BLAST. Please remember that I was VERY much new to the whole dating scene. My ex left me after nearly 6 years of my fidelity to him and I was out of practice.I thoroughly enjoyed Mystery Man and his smooth demeanor. He was just so comfortable to be with. The rapport we had created over passing notes and talking on the phone was even more intense in-person. I found him to be VERY attractive... a little on the short, skinny side but he looked good in the face. He smelt good, was dressed very well and was just so damn pleasant.

He showered me with flattering words and we talked about all the funny things we talked about on the phone. There was a really nice connection that transitioned easily from a voice over the phone to real life person. He was just so smooth.

I took him on a mini-tour of my office and the adjacent sales lounges. I will tell you that my place of employment, at the time, was and probably still is at the cutting edge of time-share real estate. That means our offices were immaculate but even greater were the sales lounges. Each sales lounge was separated by giant salt-water fish tanks, gorgeously decorated with live coral, black light and tropical fish. Needless to say, he was amazed at where we were at. The very front lounge was situated on the beach front, to the west it overlooked a pier, to the east - Waikiki Beach.

The environment definitely had an effect on us. There were fireworks exploding between us and we QUICKLY acted on the instant attraction.

In the front sales lounge overlooking the pier and ocean, Mystery Man laid me down on a table, undid my sneakers, removed my socks and proceeded to lick and suck my toes like it had NEVER been before or ever has since. The rush of pleasure overwhelmed my sense of responsibility. The embarrassment of "getting caught" did not cross my mind at all.

He proceeded to remove my shorts and underwear. (Thank goodness I wore the cute, red thong. **winks**) He took me to heights of pleasure I had not known in years -- complete, physical ecstasy -- without painful emotions getting in the way. He was so thorough, so attentive to my "purrs", so aware of what I responded to. I took it all in, not selfishly, but feeling more like I truly deserved to be pleasured in such a way. I climbed the highest of highs and rode the moon to its highest position in the sky. He was THAT GOOD at what he was doing. I felt that high.

He had no expectations of me reciprocating the favor which made my climax that much sweeter. I fell into a lull from the EXTREME PLEASURE. When I came to, Mystery Man was gazing at me from across the room. He helped dress me. It was such a tender act. We walked back to my office, he kissed me good night and disappeared into the night.

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