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BP Fling Episode 1

I met him on BlackPlanet.

On my BlackPlanet page, I blogged into the atmosphere my vehemence and disdain for my ex-husband and how he just WALKED OUTTA my life... again! Though it wasn't really vehemence or disdain, it was definitely not one of my more positive entries.

I received several "LOSE THE ZERO" responses to the passion-filled entry but the one note that caught my attention was the exact opposite. Mystery Man, what I'll call him in this post, forced me to look at how I contributed to the problems between my ex and I instead of blaming it all on my ex.

From that response fueled MANY, lengthy "notes" back and forth over a period of a month. One day, as we passed notes, we decided that we should just get on the phone and have an ACTUAL conversation. That first conversation happened while I was doing some volunteer work. From that moment Mystery Man and I escalated the note exchanges to several phone conversations about our likes and dislikes. We joke and laugh and laugh and laugh. This goes on for days. He calls me -- whenever -- and doesn't bother to give me a phone number.

I figure he must be married because he doesn't give up a phone number. He assures me that he's not married. I take him at face value. That's all I can do. Then I think: Great! Not having his phone number leaves me WITHOUT the burden of having to call him. It also releases me from trying to phone-stalk him. The whole MYSTERY of who he is KEEPS me interested. I wondered when he'd call. I wondered what he looks like in REAL LIFE. The pic on his BP page was HOT, HOT, HOT. I was digging him and I really wanted to see him in person to see if the chemistry is as wonderful in person as it is in the notes and on the phone.

After months of carrying on, on the phone, he decides he's ready to come see me. He picks a night that I have to work late. Usually, I'd leave work by 3pm. That day, I started at 3pm and I'd probably leave the office by 11 that evening. The great thing was that I was going to be in the office all by my lonesome so I tell him he can SWING BY. He lived a couple blocks from my job. The anticipation of meeting him had built up over the past months of notes and phone calls that I almost cancelled the meeting, afraid that I'd be disappointed.

I'm sure this is playing out like many of your own BP flings or Internet hook-ups.

He calls.

I answer.

He's waiting in the MAIN LOBBY. I walk down to the LOBBY to let him in. I open the door and there he is, all 5 feet 5 inches of him! I barely graze 5 feet 5... but DAMN!!! Why did he have to be that short???? That was my first impression of him -- he was short! The next thing I noticed was how he was dressed. He was all done up like he was going to a job interview or something AND he smelled great! Brownie points for that! There was nothing awkward between us. The chemistry was "on" FULL BLAST.... be continued...

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