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Aging Parents

My parents are aging.

I went over to my folks home this evening to drop off dinner. My mother was feeling under the weather and my father, God bless him, works so dang hard throughout the week that I knew he wasn't up to cooking dinner. Homemade chicken soup was on the menu, topped off with dumplings. Chicken soup is always good for the soul, for health and strength. Its one of those comfort foods that everyone in my family loves.

Husband was also feeling under the weather and he was the original intended recepient for that chicken soup. Even with the thermostat reaching the high 80's, husband still wanted my famed chicken soup. So I kindly obliged.

As I ladled bowls of soup for my parents, several thoughts ran through my mind. Just a few, short years ago, my parents cared for me in the same manner I found myself doing for them this evening. As a woman that was raised with my mothers strong Samoan cultural values, where the elders of the family are revered as living treasures, I realize now that my role has switched and it is now my turn to care for my parents.

I watched my mother care for her mother and her grandmother. This is what I know. This is what I do! This is one of the roles I was born to fill and I'm okay with it. I look forward to serving my parents and returning to them all the love they've graced me with throughout my life. It is my duty. It is my privilege!

What I am most grateful for is that my husband is along for the ride. He supports the direction I want to go in, the direction WE'RE going in. Our discussions and our compromises allow us to fulfill the priorities on our individual lists. We are a match made in heaven!

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