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full self-publishing package

2FEET PRODUCTIONS uses Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) exclusively. A Kindle Direct Publishing, “KDP”, account will be established for you upon the 50% payment. Setting up a KDP account will require banking information so that royalties are paid out to the customer. The customer will also be required to fill out IRS paperwork to fulfill the requirements of the KDP account. When the final balance is paid in full to 2FEET PRODUCTIONS and/or NEENALOVE INC., the KDP account will be transferred to the customer.

The price for this package is $3,900 | FULL SELF-PUBLISHING PACKAGE:

  • Editing, critique and developmental editing – this is a thorough review of the customer’s manuscript. This includes review of spelling, punctuation and grammar issues, structure, plot, and overall theme of the manuscript. (3 Revisions)

  • Full Color design of front and back cover (3 Revisions) 

  • Full typesetting of your manuscript for kindle and print

  • A watermarked, electronic proof of your book prior to publishing

  • Copyright filing with the U.S. Copyright Office

  • Issuance of a bar code and an associated ISBN number

  • 4 hours of coaching and consulting AFTER the account is transferred from NEENALOVE INC. to the customer


50% due upon signing of this contract. 50% due when completed product is delivered to the customer.



After 50% is collected to initiate the work, there are no refunds.

  • All communication and transmittal of edits are done electronically.

  • Video conferencing is available via Facetime, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger.

  • The timeline of the editing and final publishing is dependent on the condition of the manuscript along with the amount of designing required.


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