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Our top priority is to preserve the author's voice.


The mission of 2FEET Productions is to change the narrative in the world by preserving and sharing YOUR stories. 

2FEET is on a mission to fill the world with stories and perspectives of extraordinary everyday people. We specialize in assisting first-time authors and new voices. We believe in preserving your perspective in your voice. 2FEET will never ask you to change your content. What we want to do is polish it and "shiny it up" for the world. It all begins with your manuscript. 

Imagine a world where the characters you see and read about in the media look and sound like you. We want real representations of our world. Let's tell that story. Let 2FEET help you walk this journey. 10Toes in!


NEENALOVE INC. the parent company of 2FEET productions started publishing in 2017. CEO and Founder, Neena Love found it necessary to breathe new life into her growing organization. Thus, NEENALOVE INC's publishing arm has been reborn as 2FEET Productions.  


2FEET wants to fill the world with authentic stories and perspectives that are unfiltered by political correctness and social pressure.


The immediate goal of 2FEET is to publish written works by first-time authors and new voices. We intend to expand into other medias of artistic expression - 2D art, spoken word, and film. 

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Courageous.

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